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$10/mo | Indie

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Full | Indie

We are the first mastermind group in Linhub, formed from the IndieHackers community. All of us have at least an MVP, working to find product-market fit.
Meetings: Mondays 5pm PT
Current Members:
  • Adam Webber - CallCast | Podcasts through phone calls
  • Felix G├╝rtler - Landen | Beautiful landing pages
  • Huyanh HoangYossh | Saas for HR
  • Shane Ketterman - Presctiptive | Drive Bookings through chatbots

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3 Meetings
$50/mo | Gaining traction

Current Members:
  • Franco Petrazzini - Linhub | Leveraging startup founders through mastermind groups
  • You?

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1 Meetings
One time $300 | Scaling

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0 Meetings